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 What Can Romsoft Offer?

 At Romsoft, we are focused solely on software engineering. Many of the companies in the UK that offer safety critical software solutions, are primarily mechanical or engineering companies that also provide software solutions. Our dedication to software, means we will never lose sight of our primary aim, which is to deliver innovative software that meets the key requirements of the client.

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 Software Development

The main service we offer is the creation of safety critical software from start to finish. We provide everything from requirements capture to system testing and release, but can adapt our processes to suit the needs of the client. If the client desires it, we can focus on one stage of the development whether that be the coding or the design.

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  We specialise in:

  • Safety critical software for medical devices
  • Safety critical software for aerospace systems
  • Software for graphical user interfaces
  • Software for motor control




Consultancy Service

If a company is creating medical or aerospace software with no prior experience, it can be challenging to navigate the relevant regulations whether that be IEC62304 or DO178-B/C. Without extensive understanding of these guidelines, knowing how to proceed smoothly through risk analysis, configuration management, requirements capture and software design becomes cumbersome.

At Romsoft we offer consultancy services to support clients through these processes. With this service, clients can benefit in the long run by avoiding the wastage that will occur from making errors in the development cycle. We often provide support in the aerospace sector in the creation of actuation systems which is the development of motor control, sensors and other forms of communication. The medical projects we support tend to be of a more diverse nature.

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