The Sectors we Serve

We predominantly deal in the medical and aerospace sectors when we create safety critical software.
We have experience of dealing with a range of clients and understand the importance of working with a number of different stakeholders to successfully deliver a project.


We frequently work with:

  • Medical manufacturers 
  • Mechanical manufacturers
  • Electronic design companies

  •  Aerospace manufacturers 
  • Military manufacturers


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Medical Sector

At Romsoft, we specialise in developing safety critical embedded software and desktop applications to be used in medical devices, patient monitoring and communication. Our focus is on safety critical software and we can draw upon extensive knowledge to create efficient and easy to use software.

In the past many of the medical projects we have completed involved a graphical interface.

These programs have allowed external servos to control valves and motors in medical devices, and sensors critical for measuring blood sugar and oxygen in patients.

We are experts in the medical standard IEC62304 from classifications A-C.




Aerospace Sector

With almost a decade worth of experience working on a number of projects within the aerospace sector, we have proficiency working with a range of aerospace systems, processes and requirements.

We can provide solutions for a specific task or create bespoke software. 

We commonly deliver software for actuation systems to be used in the manipulation of landing gears or flight surfaces for UAVs. For further information about safety critical software development in the aerospace sector, please get in touch.

We are experts in the aerospace standard DO178-B/C classifications E-A.





Professional Software Consultancy Service

If you are looking to develop  in-house, we can offer a professional consultancy service to ensure you produce
top quality software that conforms to your sectors safety standards


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