Medical and Aerospace Safety Critical Software Development Solutions

At Romsoft, we provide bespoke software solutions for the medical and aerospace industries, specialising in IEC62304 and DO178-B/C compliant software.

We aim to differentiate ourselves in a crowded field, by always providing a dynamic and collaborative approach to ensure that your project is delivered successfully on time and within budget.


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Experts in safety critical software

We have experience of working on projects at every level, from A to C in the medical sector and E to A in the aerospace industry. In the past, we have drawn upon our expert knowledge to create embedded software, user interfaces, sensors, motor controls, desktop applications and communication systems.



  Medical & Aerospace Sectors


Medical safety critical software development

Safety Critical Software 
Development For The Medical Industry 

In accordance with IEC62304, we design, develop and execute software for use in the medical sector. We have created software at every grade from A to C and can utilise our knowledge to create innovative solutions that deliver high performance and reliability.


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Aviation safety critical software development in UK








Safety Critical Software 
 For The Aerospace Industry

With almost a decade worth of experience in the aerospace industry, we provide cutting edge software that abides by the DO178-B/C standard. We can navigate through the complexities of the relevant regulations to create a product that satisfies all of the stakeholders.

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Consultancy Services

Our exhaustive knowledge of safety critical software means we can provide vital support for companies looking to develop their own medical or aerospace systems. We can offer precise, targeted support or guidance through all stages of the software life cycle. Please get in touch for more information about how we can help you successfully develop safety critical software.

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Romsoft safety critical software development in UK



  Software Development 

Commercial Software Development in the UK

Commercial Software Development 

Here at Romsoft we specialise in safety critical software, but we also understand the need for commercial software, that although needs to be designed and implemented efficiently, does not necessarily need to be restrained by the cumbersome regulations and processes required in a safety critical industry. We can adapt our processes to suit the demands of the customer, to create a more lightweight development life cycle, whilst maintaining a high quality of service. 


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Embedded Software Development

At Romsoft, we specialise in the creation of embedded software to be used in the medical, aerospace and commercial sectors. We can lead a project through every stage of the development life cycle and have used a range of microcontrollers and tools to develop successful safety critical projects. 

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 Embedded Software Development In the UK


Desktop Application Development

In addition to creating embedded software, we can also provide desktop-based applications. Our familiarity with both embedded software and desktop applications means that we are always best placed to provide solutions that require extensive knowledge of both systems.

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  Desktop Application Development In The UK




Many software developers, are predominantly engineering or mechanical companies which also happen to provide software solutions. This all-encompassing approach to building software means that the software development does not always get the attention it deserves. In the long term, this can be ineffective, producing software that does not always meet the customer’s needs, requiring expensive and time consuming redesign.

At Romsoft, we are software engineers that focus solely on software development. Our dedication to software engineering means that we are totally invested with the processes and tools required to get the project right first time



There are many companies creating software, but Romsoft is different in that we concentrate specifically on the development of safety critical software. Embedded software requires knowledge and experience in an array of disciplines with strict compliance to a number of regulations and standards. Many software companies can offer to create solutions to be used in the medical and aerospace sector, but it is our thorough understanding and knowledge which means we can often provide the best solutions.



The majority of software developers, will involve the customer during the initial stages and again only when the project is in an advanced stage of development. At Romsoft, we always aim to adopt a more integrated approach when it comes to the development of software.

Using an AGILE approach to software development and systems such as a web portal, mean we always endeavor to include the client at every stage of the process. This receptive approach to development means we respond to feedback earlier and create a more streamlined approach. It allows stakeholders to really feel included during the development and allows us to create a product that really achieves all of our key targets and requirements





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